The Movement & Dance Studio

The Movement & Dance Studio

Celebrating 15 years in Troy!

Jane Perkins Huyck, Program Director & Instructor
Arthritis Care, P.C.


Come & join us
for a complimentary class with a new approach to wellness, fitness & stress management!

Together we’ll move pain
chronic, disabling, unpredictable, isolating, misunderstood, frustrating
occasional, controllable, liberated, embraced, understood, managed!

Our wellness classes are medically endorsed & shown to restore the body & spirit through movement & dance. They are developed for people of all capabilities to soothe the soreness & stiffness that is associated with arthritis & chronic pain syndromes.

This program was inspired & borne out of my own personal rehabilitation from debilitating musculoskeletal injuries, fibromyalgia, arthritis & chronic Lyme disease. Since 1994, I have combined the knowledge & strengths gained from my professional dance training, many years of physical therapies & extensive alternative approaches to modify & continue the passion of my work. It is my pleasure to share this with you in hope that you’ll feel comfort in your everyday activities, lift your spirits & light the path to your own well being~

“Participant feedback……”
“At age 89 I am still flexible & able to walk & attribute this to the many years that I took the Stretch & Relaxation & Tai chi classes with Jane Huyck. I would recommend her classes to anyone.” – Grace K.B. Retired 1st grade teacher.

“Jane is approachable with any questions, concerns or requests. She also keeps a great pace and makes the class interesting giving insight into the dance steps and how the body handles it all. She gives just the right amount of time teaching and at the same time keeping it beautiful & fun.” D.A. Professional Photographer & Mother

“I have experienced many benefits from Jane’s classes. Certainly, my arthritis symptoms have improved from her instruction but she instilled in me more confidence & awareness in myself”. -S.M. Retired NYS Supervisor

I attended Jane’s Tai Chi and Stretch classes for many years and found them to be both a mentally and physically beneficial tool in providing some relief for my ever-present Fibromyalgia. Jane is an extraordinarily kind, patient, and knowledgeable teacher. I only wish I could find something comparable in North Carolina where I currently live.

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